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Plastering - where did it come from?

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Where did plastering come from, and why do we choose to plaster our homes?

Whilst you may look at the wallpaper or paint that you see on your wall, there is a good chance that you may not think about what is underneath.

We know why this happens, but we believe we should take the time to appreciate plastering more and more. To help us do this, we have put together our guide to where the idea of plastering our homes came from and why it is something that we need to ensure that we have.

The origins of plastering

The earliest example of plastering is back in Jordan in 7,500 BC; their idea of plastering would be to cover their shelters with a combination of either twigs or reeds and mud. This would not only protect the shelter but also strengthen it and make it look nicer too.

Over time, the materials used in plastering have changed. The Ancient Egyptians first started using gypsum to plaster their buildings, which is a material that we still use to this day in our modern plastering efforts.

The advantages of plastering your home

So, why is plastering something you need to do in your home? The first reason is that it helps ensure that your walls are as durable and robust as possible. When applied to existing drywall, the water escapes from the cement and causes a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction strengthens the bond and ensures that your walls are as strong as possible.

When your walls are plastered, they are much less likely to crack. This doesn’t look great and can lead to costly repairs and replacements that you will need to pay out for.

Plastering is also known to be pollution free. It will produce a low amount of dust on the surface, even when left undusted for long periods of time.

Aside from the strength and durability that plastering brings, it also helps with the cosmetic aspect of your walls too. When you plaster your walls, it helps to create as even a surface as possible. This means you can easily apply paint or wallpaper without worrying about the surface looking bumpy and unsightly.

You can even use the plastering itself to decorate your home. Colours and textures can be added to the final coat when the plasterer applies it. Not only this, but when you choose the right professional plumber, they will also be able to offer several techniques and finishes to have your walls look their best.

Plastering is the way to go if you want to finish your house in style and be as durable as possible. Make sure you choose the right plasterer to ensure that it is finished off in the best quality possible so that it stands the test of time.

Plastering - where did it come from?
Plastering - where did it come from?

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